Automate exchanges

Automate exchanges with the entire information system (ERP, CRM, e-commerce…)

The last two decades have seen an increase to over 50% of sales coming from E-commerce. The very core of E-commerce relies on speed and ease—this means simple site navigation and excellent customer service. The main problem with E-commerce is…

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diamond wire

Industrial cuts: why choose diamond wire

There is a lot of difference between a diamond wire saw and other traditional wire cutting methods such as a band saw, which cuts slabs using saw teeth. Many people have the same question: why diamond? Diamond is the hardest…

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Diamond wire saws

Diamond wire saws: contact a specialist manufacturer online

Depending on your project, it is sometimes vital to get a precise edge and use an effective tool that doesn’t stick and has increased longevity, such as the Diamond wire saw from What Are Diamond Wire Saws? In principle,…

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Online banking – a new trend

Digital technology is undeniably an integral part of people’s daily lives. It has now changed the way people manage their money. As a result, the French are gradually beginning to turn to digital services, i.e. trusting online banks. All you…

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How to open an e-commerce site?

With the multiplication of platforms allowing to set up an online shop, more and more entrepreneurs are nowadays attracted by e-commerce. And as with the creation of a physical business, the creation of a successful e-commerce site is of course…

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