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Published on : 06 July 20215 min reading time

There is a lot of difference between a diamond wire saw and other traditional wire cutting methods such as a band saw, which cuts slabs using saw teeth. Many people have the same question: why diamond? Diamond is the hardest material known up to date that can be made and mined on the planet. Also, diamonds offer an effective and efficient method for cutting with no loss of material. The wire you can find in an industrial wire saw is made from synthetic rubber or a high tensile steel loop connected by a joiner.

On the outside of the wire, it is impregnated with spacers and diamond beads and is coated all over with an elastomeric substance. The coating is essential since it protects and helps retain the diamond against corrosion. The wire can have one or more braided strands to make a single cable.

The Working Principle of Diamond Wire Saws

Diamond wire saws are among the most comparable cutting materials to reciprocating saws. Instead of cutting through steel or slab using the saw teeth, diamond wire saw uses abrasion to cut through slab or steel effectively.

Using a diamond wire saw to cut through the material can generate a lot of heat, hence cooling the wire saw using oil, specialised cutting fluid, or constant flowing water.

Wire Sawing Application

Diamond wire sawing forms an effective slab cutting approach responsible for removing a large and heavy section of concrete. However, other applications include:
• Circular cut opening
• Performing cuts in confined, sensitive, and restricted areas
• Demolition projects
• Cutting through heavy embedded and rebar steel
• Cutting concrete structures like dams, factories, and beams
• Dismantling steel structures
• Making angular cuts horizontal and vertical structures using diamond cutting machines

Diamond wire sawing is the forefront of technology that involves diamond dust to cut through difficult-to-cut substances like concrete. In most cases, a hole is drilled from top to bottom then the diamond wire is passed through using a series of pulleys.

Benefits of Using a Diamond Wire Saw

Many specialists have turned to this type of saw to deal with difficult to complete cutting tasks for many reasons. Some of the reasons why you need to use a diamond wire saw are:
• It can be used in narrow areas that are hard to achieve with other cutting saws
• It eliminates vibration
• Diamond is good at cutting with no loss of material
• Does not weaken or compromise the surrounding structure
• Leave the exposed service smooth

Why You Should Use Diamond Wire Saw

• The main reason why many use diamond wire saw up to date is that it can cut through any material more efficiently and faster than traditional cutting methods.
• You should not worry about the loss of material when using a diamond wire saw. Compared to other conventional saws, the diamond saw is designed to cut with no loss of material. Therefore, it will save a lot of material and money due to the less waste produced.
• Depending on the sawing machine you are using, diamond wire is considered fumeless, clean, and quiet. There are fewer vibrations when using a diamond wire saw hence suitable when working in a sensitive environment like hospitals.
• A diamond wire saw is 4 times faster than conventional methods of cutting.
• It requires minimal effort and manpower to operate.

Do You Need Diamond Wire Saw Cutting in Your Project?

If you are worried if you need a wire saw or not, you should not be troubled since you can use a diamond wire saw in any project. However, you should call a professional if you don’t know how to operate a cutting tool.

You will get the best advice on the right machinery and method to use regardless of the difficult nature of the project, thanks to professional help. However, you can cut through anything when using a diamond wire saw.

Diamond is capable of cutting between 35 to 40 feet of granite in one hour. You can use a coolant or water when using a diamond wire saw, which is impossible in other technology since it can form a slurry mixture.

The use of saws and diamond wire has increased since their introduction into the industry because of their fast production. Therefore, it leads to a more eco-friendly solution to cut materials.

In conclusion, diamond wire saws have been used instead of other wafering and cropping methods. A diamond wire saw is considered 75% faster than any other wire slurry saws. In silicon safer production, diamond saws reduce the production time hence increasing the mass production.

Diamond saws are more precise compared to other conventional methods. The process where diamond-impregnated wires of different sizes are used is called diamond wire cutting (DWC). The hardness of diamond makes it suitable for cutting through any material on the planet.

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