Data security and recovery and the enterprise sector

No business could function without its data! Whether it is at the level of statistics (market research on a product), or at the level of accounting, at the level of personal customer data... the data is of capital importance for the good functioning of a company, whatever its activity and size. Therefore, it is essential to put in place an efficient system to secure the data and of course to recover it in case of an accident.

The different causes of data loss in a company

In concrete terms, the slightest loss of data can have serious consequences for the functioning of a company in general. The most common cause of corporate data loss is undoubtedly employee errors due to computer misuse. In a fraction of a second, the worst can happen! On the other hand, there are also the risks associated with cyber attacks. Today, hacking has become a considerable risk for companies. Recently, billions of data losses have been reported for companies worldwide due to malicious acts by hackers. You should be aware that hardware failure is also one of the causes of data loss, since hardware used in business is not invulnerable and is not guaranteed for life. There are also other causes such as theft, disasters (water damage, fire...), etc.

Setting up professional backup solutions

In order to avoid disastrous risks due to data loss, regardless of the cause, it is crucial to secure company data with effective security systems. One of the most essential solutions is internal backup, i.e. the data will be stored within the company. Then, several copies must be made on other storage media or a second server. But sometimes, this solution is not that efficient, especially in case of burglary, or fire, or flood... So, to anticipate risks, it is better to secure the storage location as much as possible or to rely directly on the outsourcing of backups (or cloud) in order to store data remotely on a server. For companies that process personal data, it is better to comply with the RGPD. In this case, you should opt for a hosting solution in Europe, or preferably in France.

Setting up a data recovery system

In the event of an accident that has caused the total or partial loss of company data, it is best to use certain data recovery software dedicated specifically to companies. Yes, even if the data isn't in the Recycle Bin, it doesn't necessarily mean it's permanently deleted. In short, for optimal security of corporate data, backup systems and data recovery are two inseparable elements!
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