Succeeding in a business creation contest, the panacea?

For young entrepreneurs who are looking for the key to success, participating in entrepreneurship contests can be an interesting option. In this type of contest, many advantages are at stake that can have a considerable impact on the future of the business.

Strengthen your cash flow while benefiting from tailored support

Business creation competitions, as the name suggests, are organised to reward entrepreneurship, business creation, contribution to sustainable development, exemplary behaviour towards the environment, innovation, and so on. Indeed, the winning company will not go home empty-handed! It will of course be able to attract financial or business angels and may of course receive significant financial assistance to strengthen its cash flow. The business angels seduced can give the young company, thanks to its experience, advice and support so that it can strengthen its performance. In addition to seducing the financial angels, the winning business can also easily negotiate more credit with financial institutions. Recognized as the winner of a contest, the company can be integrated into a business incubator. In fact, a business incubator is a reception, accommodation and support structure for entrepreneurship project holders.

Improving its visibility, reputation and performance

As business creation competitions are well publicized and can attract a large audience, they are able to further boost the visibility and credibility of the participating company. It does not matter whether the company wins or not, simply participating in the competition can enhance the technical expertise of the company. Thanks to the advice of the juries, the participating company will have a precise idea of the points to be improved in order to develop its project. Thus, it will be easier for it to act effectively in the future. We can say that this kind of competition is like an opportunity to learn how to manage a project. On the other hand, specialized press or blogs can highlight the innovation of the participating company.

Succeeding in an entrepreneurship contest is not an end in itself!

In concrete terms, winning an entrepreneurship contest, for young companies, is never an end in itself! What's more, this contest should not be seen as a reflection of the future of society. Of course, a company, even after having failed in the competition, can still develop in the future. In order to do so, the company just has to apply all the advice of the juries, more precisely at the level of the elaboration of the business plan, which is undoubtedly the key to the success of any company. It is indeed through this business plan that the company will be able to attract investors. To succeed or not to succeed in the business creation competition, a participating company can always acquire skills that will enable it to go further. In addition to forging links with other project leaders, it will be able to access the networks of entrepreneur juries as long as the project is reliable.
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