What is the distinction between sales and marketing?

Published on : 21 April 20202 min reading time

In concrete terms, marketing and sales activities obviously have the same objective, i.e. to generate income while at the same time improving the organization’s performance. And although they are interdependent, it is not uncommon to see people confusing them when they are two disciplines that are essentially very different and that obviously mobilize skills that are also different.

What exactly is sales?

Sales activities or sales in French focus mainly on direct sales. To put it simply, sales are at the end of a process initiated by marketing. Yes, marketing and sales activities must work together to achieve an optimal result. Sales people will therefore ensure that leads are followed up more closely by executing the strategies put in place by the marketing department. Via these strategies, the salesperson will be able to easily transform leads into real customers. These leads need to be shown that the products and services offered by the company correspond perfectly to their needs and expectations. In a B2B environment, this obviously involves direct interaction between the salesperson and the potential customers.

What is marketing all about?

Marketing, as its name suggests, is essentially about the market. It is in fact a process that must take place before the sale with the aim of further facilitating the sale. This is why sales and marketing are two disciplines that go hand in hand and are inseparable. Unlike the salesperson who is in contact with the customer, the marketer detects the needs and expectations of consumers and then creates products and services that directly meet these needs and expectations. Moreover, he is also responsible for the implementation of various communication tools such as brochures, catalogues, advertising flyers… in order to attract prospects or leads to the company. In short, the marketing of a product is rather its promotion but not its sale.

Sales and marketing: two inseparable elements!

We can say that marketing is a kind of boost to sales! A well-developed marketing strategy makes selling easier. And it is indeed the marketer who creates opportunities for the sales department: setting up a marketing process that includes product and service design, advertising… It is the salesperson who then takes over to close the sale.

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