Delivery of meal trays for companies: what are the advantages?

Published on : 21 April 20204 min reading time

A real godsend for employees, executives and contractors, meal delivery is a solution that appeals to many. Many of them have forgotten the fast food route and have left the homemade dishes that require a lot of preparation and patience in favour of delicious catering recipes. In this article, we will therefore try to understand the reasons behind the craze for meal trays in Paris.

More than an alternative, the perfect solution to save time!

Having a meal tray delivered to your company is the best approach to take if you are short of time. This solution is then aimed at more people than you think! After all, who could claim that they have enough time when they get home from work to prepare their lunch for the next day? Everyone prefers to spend those precious hours with family or fulfilling unavoidable obligations. Meal delivery then becomes an interesting alternative to those moments spent, reluctantly, in front of the stove.

Even those who think they can cook a good, balanced meal in the morning before leaving home are deluding themselves. If they manage to wash, dress and eat breakfast, they can consider themselves lucky. Remember that a meal consists of a starter, a main course and a dessert. In order to fill up with energy during lunch, 3 recipes will have to be prepared: a rather ambitious project for someone who has children and a busy job. It’s better to order a meal tray from a caterer who will take care of the cooking and delivery as well. You’ll see how much time you can save!

The variety of meals: the must of luxury in your daily life

By opting for meal tray delivery, you will be able to vary your diet. Because, even if you have time to prepare your meals, it will be difficult to enjoy different recipes at each lunch. At best, you will have a few boxes of prep meals carefully stored in the fridge that you will have to eat every day. You see, these containers are made up of white rice, a piece of chicken and some steamed vegetables.

To avoid monotony and make your meals a real pleasure, a delivery man will knock on your door every lunchtime with a proper lunch. On some applications, you even have the possibility to make a schedule for your meals for the week. This way, it will be easy for you to vary your diet and enjoy a different dish every time. Why not opt for chicken on Monday, fish on Tuesday, a vegetarian recipe on Wednesday and Thursday and start the 5th day with meat. That’s how your administrative working hours will stop constituting a barrier with a privileged lifestyle!

Balanced meals for steely health

Working 5 or even 6 days a week requires physical, emotional and mental involvement. You will not be able to give the best of yourself, to be productive and motivated without a rich and balanced diet. Ordering a catered meal tray will allow you to improve your nutritional intake. These masters of the stove redouble their efforts and inventiveness to create meals composed of the most beneficial macroelements for your body.

Your tray will always contain proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, not forgetting fibres and minerals. What’s more, the caterer carefully chooses the foods with which he concocts his dishes. These are mainly seasonal vegetables and meats that are preserved in the conditions required by hygiene standards. What also characterises the trays and the delivery of meals in Paris is the exceptional flavour of the recipes offered. Because, let’s admit it, whatever your talent as a cook, it will not be able to match that of a professional with several years of experience in the privileged field of the 8th art.

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